Real Business Leaders – Real Issues – Real Time

Since 2003 SIBL has been helping Scotland’s business leaders achieve their corporate and personal aspirations.

Sometimes it can be lonely at the top…we meet once a month to give leaders the time and space they need to work on the business not in it.  They get invaluable support from the time spent with peers working on real business issues in a confidential and impartial environment during the members issues sessions.   This is complemented by a presentation from a  world-class speaker on a key leadership topic.

Our members come from all types and sizes of organisation from SMEs to multinationals, the not-for-profit and public sectors.   It is this eclectic mix which is one of SIBL’s key strengths – the sharing of different experiences and best practice. Why have just one non-executive director when you can have 10 successful business leaders supporting you?

Your leadership has a considerable impact on the effectiveness of your organisation.  Let us equip you with the skills and knowledge you need to inspire your employees and stakeholders.

We are not a networking club, we are a commercial learning organisation that equips leaders with the tools they need to achieve their business and personal goals.   We take a holistic approach to leadership development realising that you do not leave your personality at the office door.   SIBL has developed highly valued processes to help members solve problems in their organisations and maximise their leadership potential.

As one member said: “The day I stop my personal growth is the day my organisation stops growing”

For membership details please contact our chairman Drew Pryde on by telephone T: 01383 223353 or email.  Alternatively please complete the enquiry form on the membership page.


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