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  1. Apr

    1. The Key to Effective Collaborative Leadership @ The Scottish Police College
      9:00 am – 4:45 pm

      Increasing awareness of your own and others behaviours for collaborative engagement

      Speaker – Robin Burgess


      Most organisations are facing challenges in an environment in which agency interdependency and contractual agreements are core in the public and private sectors respectively. This lends itself to a considerable focus on collaborative regulations and legal matters; a knowledge of which are important in themselves. However, this workshop concentrates on behaviours and relationships for those involved in partnership activities as experience shows that these are the key to effective collaborative leadership.

      This truism applies to both the development of internal teams and external relationships.

      Workshop Content

      Much leadership material focuses on idealised characteristics. These would normally require a personality or behavioural “transplant” for many of us, and at best leave us feeling that we are significantly wanting. Yet the reality is that the most effective leaders build firmly on who they are, not who they “ought” to be.

      This requires knowing yourself, in order to build on your strengths, and also being able to read the preferences of others, so as to engage better with them.

      Our facilitator, Robin Burgess, has been using the Inter-dynamics Inventory (IDI) as a proven and effective tool to assist leaders to do this for over fifteen years. Today he will share the essence of the IDI research and enable you to apply it to yourself and key others, as a basis for building effective collaboration. Many have described it as creating a watershed in getting the best from themselves and from those they work and live with, particularly when effective collaboration is a desired outcome.

      This informative, interactive and fun workshop offers a practical insight into the following:

      Step 1: Seeing our behaviour as others experience it (The Rabbie Burns principle)
      Step 2: Understanding our preferences and unconscious habits
      Step 3: Learning to build on our strengths whilst clarifying that if these are undiscerningly applied in every situation they can be counterproductive
      Step 4: How to build a repertoire of balancing behaviours that mitigate our natural preferences, in those situations in which our strengths are ineffective
      Step 5: How to build confidence and skill in being ourselves with conscious choice about when we need to adapt to achieve effective collaboration and to realise our goals

      Workshop Outputs

      In terms of “takeaways” you will have the opportunity of experiencing the following:

      • Being given a framework to develop your understanding of your own and others’ behavioural, habitual preferences
      • Exploring new options you can develop for  effective collaborative outcomes
      • Applying this to your own real life challenges
      • Identifying ways forward that you can begin to practise from today

      Effective Collaborative Leadership builds on both knowing when we can simply be ourselves and when we need to be adaptive. The workshop offers ways of raising your game and increasing your own effectiveness and fulfilment as a leader.

      Bio of Robin Burgess – Keynote Speaker

      Robin Burgess

      Robin Burgess is perhaps best known to members as SIBL’s Organisational Development Director having been a key member of the SIBL team for the past 15 years.

      SIBL members have benefitted enormously from Robin’s 20 plus years experience in leadership and organisational development (see below). In particular Robin has run members’ monthly issues sessions based on his reputation as being one of the UK’s leading practitioners and researchers of the technology of Action Learning.

      Robin’s own business focus for the past 12 years has been on running OLPD which is a very successful consultancy specialising in Organisation, Leadership and People Development. This not only includes providing Action Learning facilitation in a wide range of organisations but also in coaching chief officers, both individually and in groups, in taking their performance and business to the next level. His clients have included the NHS, Local and National Government, the private and third sectors and the Police and Fire & Rescue Services. Robin coached and facilitated on the NHS flagship strategic clinical leadership programme: “Delivering the Future” in Scotland. He was also a Coaching Fellow at the Centre for Innovation in Health Management (CIHM) at the University of Leeds.

      The leadership programmes designed and provided by OLPD have set a new level in change and culture shift. Going beyond training, they combine personal and organizational development in an integration that impacts on performance, ownership and contribution

      Robin’s earlier background was in London designing and running Management Development Programmes including Action Learning. This was followed by a lectureship at the University of Stirling, followed by being appointed Programme Director with the Scottish Leadership Foundation (SLF) before setting up OLPD, twelve years ago.

      The after lunch module to 4.45pm

      Members and guests have the opportunity to engage in facilitated peer group coaching with the chance to share and explore in confidence current key business/organisational opportunities and issues with fellow delegates. The benefits of this “informal but sophisticated board” forum – using proven processes – are very highly rated by participants and external researchers. The afternoon session is not to be missed or underestimated.

      How to book your place:  By e-mail to Beth Kingsley-Rowe (PA) at

      9:00 am
      The Key to Effective Collaborative Leadership @ The Scottish Police College