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  1. Jan

    1. Authentic Human Leadership @ Keep Scotland Beautiful
      9:00 am – 4:45 pm

      (This stuff works and is THE difference in Leadership)


      Speaker: Ian McLaren Wallace – 9.00am for 9.30am – 4.45pm                        

      Executive Summary – And the real challenge for all of us

      “As a leader, how can you consistently be true to yourself, true to your greater purpose and true to your untapped potential, no matter what leadership challenges you may be encountering?

       This inter-active workshop enables delegates to come to grips with the imperative that Authentic Human Leadership begins by understanding that the most meaningful work you can do as a leader is inspired by who you are as a leader, and by what matters most to you.

       Context and the Opportunities for Leaders

      The fundamental role of any leader is the ability to step into uncertainty and invite others into opportunity. In doing so, a leader creates a safe and certain space that inspires confidence and engagement in others. The challenge for the leader, however, is that stepping into uncertainty in the external world inevitably results and them also stepping into uncertainty in their own internal world. These internal uncertainties often manifest as fears and doubts about their capacity to navigate to a successful outcome. Such fears are even more exacerbated within a blame culture.

      Uncertainty in a leader causes a lack of trust and engagement, as followers find it difficult to identify who the leader really is and why they are choosing a course of actions. Therefore, leaders are often encouraged to present themselves clearly in the external world; the reality is that attempting to constantly show up as an all-powerful and all-knowing leader is hugely stressful and will inevitably end badly or in tears for both the leader and their followers.

      A far more effective approach for leaders is to embrace and embody authenticity. By actively engaging with the uncertainties of your internal world, you naturally begin to identify who you really are as a leader. Knowing who you are as a leader enables you to make better decisions and inspire far more effective actions. Authentic Human Leadership enables you to be true to yourself, true to your greater purpose and true to your untapped potential.

      Approach and Processes

      As a pre-eminent Business Psychologist, Ian McLaren Wallace, our speaker (see bio) is an internationally recognised practitioner, author and national prize-winner for his innovative work. Ian has developed the Human Space, an easy-to-use framework for powerfully navigating complexity and uncertainty. This will form the basis of the interactive morning workshop. Ian will share some practical processes that will enable us as leaders to perform more authentically and be even more effective in both the workplace and indeed in our private lives.

      In this highly participative workshop, you will be able to apply these principles immediately to real specific leadership challenges that you are currently navigating.  As all Human Space principles and processes are based on fundamental human psychology, they can be successfully applied to all business sectors and all business sizes, from one-man businesses to large organisations.

      The first step in the process of becoming an even more authentic leader is connecting with the ability to identify who you are as a leader, what you really do as a leader and what matters most to you as a leader. We will be using the “Human Amplifiers” for Leaders as the basis for exploring and answering these questions. The emerging answers will be powerful.

      Outputs and takeaways:

      By the end of the workshop, you will have the capacity to powerfully lead your colleagues in a more authentic and unambiguous manner. Your capacity to lead authentically creates a sense of certainty and confidence around you. The truer you are to yourself, the more comfortable you will be in your own skin and you will trust yourself in your everyday behaviours, decision-making and engaging in your relationships – so it is more likely that your followers will in turn trust you to guide them through the future challenges and uncertainties. In terms of specifics you will:

      • Develop your confidence to be true to yourself. The more that you can be true to what matters most to you as a leader, the more effective and meaningful your actions will be.
      • Naturally resolve ambiguities in your leadership vision by being true to yourself. If you are ambiguous in your leadership vision, your power as a leader will be dissipated.
      • Consistently attract people towards you by being true to yourself and offering clarity of vision. Certainty in who you are, in turn generates certainty for others in your leadership.
      • Increase your capacity to engage in meaningful work by clearly identifying what matters
      • Have acquired the ability to clearly express your leadership vision. The more meaningful for you the more closely you will link to others be they followers or your range of contacts.
      • Naturally influence and inspire others, even though they may initially hold quite different and conflicting perspectives. This applies to both followers and indeed other leaders.
      • Consciously or otherwise, create the opportunity for others to engage in meaningful work.

      About Ian McLaren Wallace: Brief Bio

      Ian is blessed with a fundamental fascination with human nature and his curiosity about how people find meaning, purpose and potential in the work that they do. His breadth of “got-the-tee-shirt” experience ranges from working as a North Sea oil-rig roughneck, mountain guide, session musician, fashion photographer, commercial pilot, relationship counsellor, child psychologist, military psychologist, celebrity psychologist, executive coach and best-selling author.

      This remarkable varirety of grass-roots experiences paved the way for his current role as the founder of “Human,” a business committed to developing a unique human artificial intelligence technology. This involved taking an abstract academic concept and transforming it into a revenue earning reality by drawing on years of experience in designing and delivering powerful high-value results in complex high-consequence situations. Ian’s current work with Human will help anyone to liberate their potential and become who they really want to be, by enabling them to have a conversation with their future self.

      Ian is an alumnus of the University of Dundee Centre of Entrepreneurship. He is a globally recognised expert in the domain of dreams and dreaming. As mentioned Ian is a national prize winner for innovation in business psychology see

      Footnotes a) After lunch,1.45 – 4.45pm is the highly-rated peer group problem solving sessions

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      9:00 am
      Authentic Human Leadership @ Keep Scotland Beautiful