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  1. Apr

    1. Communication and Presentation Skills for Leaders @ The Garden Cottage Centre
      9:00 am – 4:15 pm

                             The Scottish Institute for Business Leaders (SIBLCIC)       


      What’s the next SIBL event? :

                            “Communication and Presentation Skills for Leaders”

                             “How good communications contributes to effective change, results and wellbeing   

       1.0  So why are Communication Skills so important for leaders and why should we participate?

      Well lots of good reasons. Communication and presentation skills are at the heart of everything that we strive to achieve both externally and withinour organisations irrespective of size. Good communications are often overlooked even at the most basic of levels but they are the glue that enables us to satisfy and keep both our customers and staff not just “on board” but actually being actively supportive of our aims.

      At the macro level most of us work within a framework of constant change and it is imperative that we communicate both the need for that change and our vision for the way ahead clearly such that our people can buy into (and preferably contribute to) choosing a path that they can readily identify and engage with.

      However, the facts are that 70% of major change projects fail by omitting crucial communication modules. Some may call this a rather “cheesy” approach but critically “winning the hearts and minds” through sound communications comes into play as the ace in the pack. It is about facilitating a route or being to continuously achieve both optimum bottom line results and wellbeing.

      2.0  The Characteristics of Communication Skills

      Communication and presentation skills are referred to as ‘soft skills’. To communicate effectively is a difficult and complex area of personal and professional development. When we get it right, it reaps rewards; when we get it wrong it doesn’t bear thinking about other than as an opportunity to learn from our mistakes.

      These skills start at the top of an organisation. Individuals within an organisation display the values and traits they represent every single day.

      Staff and colleagues are very much aware of examples of good management styles, straight-forward communication both verbal and written, they see contracts fought and won with confident presentations, they follow leaders that they trust and believe in and subsequently they contribute to the success and profitability of that organisation. Not only that but they stay longer with those organisations that consistently communicate effectively, openly and honestly.

      3.0  The Workshop Content

      The vastly experienced Gary Robinson (see bio) will facilitate this highly interactive workshop thereby enabling participants to (re)consider a number of key questions eg

      • How do we view and treat our team, our customers and stakeholders?
      • Do we inspire our individual teams with effective communication and presentation?
      • Does Active Listening form part of our communications “package” as a leader?
      • Do we live, breathe and communicate our values and our personality?
      • Are we truly aware of what we say and how we say it (as perceived by those we work with)
      • Do we understand how effective our body language can be?
      • Do we embrace change well?
      • Do we avoid difficult conversations? If so, why?
      • Are we confident when communicating change in the face of resistance?
      • Why silence is NOT ALWAYS golden (or conversely why in some contexts it can be)
      • Does my organisation have confident, positive, friendly, straight-forward and CONSISTENT communications skills adopted by EVERYONE?

      4.0 Workshop Outputs

      The purpose of the workshop in revisiting the above key questions is to enable delegates to participate in an open dialogue that will ensure that they return to their workplace feeling that they are giving good communications the attention that it deserves. It presents the opportunity to refresh our self awareness of what we can always do better in communications and presentations in both everyday basic business and at strategic change levels. It leads us into considering specific aspects that rarely feature on formal agendas like how to have effective difficult conversations and the potential impact that our standards of communications have on talent retention and people development.  To summaries the outputs for this workshop “the learning is in the room”.

      5.0 Bio of Gary Robinson – Keynote Speaker

      For 25 years, Gary Robinson has worked within the radio industry as a broadcaster and creative writer and over his career became Managing Director of five major UK radio stations. He left his leadership role in 2013 to launch his own highly successful communications business.

      Gary is director of Gary Robinson Communications, a business specialising in the training of essential personal and professional development skills including presentation, communication and media training to both the business and education sectors.

      For a full biography including videos and impressive testimonials see

      6.0 The after lunch session

      The benefits of SIBL afternoon dialogue sessions are highly rated by both delegates and external research. Douglas Peace will be facilitating this particular event with members and guests having the opportunity to identify specific needs and topics. There will also be an option of engaging in peer group coaching for members’ specific issues.  The afternoon session is “not to be underestimated” nor missed.

      7.0 The Garden Cottage Venue

      If you haven’t visited the Garden Cottage Centre near Bridge of Earn before then I’m sure that you will find it a stunning location. It is a modern architecturally designed conference centre within a walled garden overlooking the Dron hills. It is ideal for a day out away from the office to work ”on the business” rather than in it.  Delegates will be sent directions.

      8.0 How to book you place:  By e-mail to Beth Kingsley Rowe (PA) at

      9:00 am
      Communication and Presentation Skills for Leaders @ The Garden Cottage Centre