Here is what members have to say about SIBL

Kim Rose — Managing Director, The Links Partnership

” In today’s business at a Senior Level in any organisation, having the ability to develop your own skills and learn new skills is one of the most challenging tasks. As MD’s we are constantly expected to bring new thinking, create new ideas and guide our teams, where do we get our Guidance? – simple answer SIBL.Becoming a SIBL member has opened my eyes to new and different ways of learning, SIBL creates an environment that allows me both to express and review my thinking and develop new strategies. In both individual and team environments with peers from a wide range of industry sectors SIBL allows me to work “On the Business”

SIBL is experiential , you have to try it to understand, that’s why many of Scotland’s leading companies become members of SIBL.”

Gordon Cassells – Cassells Group 

“Each SIBL event brings a day of valuable food for thought from their excellent speakers and trainers. I often takeaway a new way of looking at different aspects of my business. It’s refreshing to attend an event which is a gathering of similar minds.

SIBL has these amazing learning development sessions, it’s like having a team of experienced objective experts who don’t have any agenda in your business. The input from the session is always pro-active as the team have their own invaluable experience in business and know the reality of the ups and downs in today’s climate. It’s both a learning experience for the participant and the team members individually as they reflect on the outcome of the days session.”

Mary McPherson — The Relaxation Company

“SIBL gives leaders a rare combination of superb networking, personal and business development in a confidential setting as well as a unique opportunity to take time out for reflection.”

Douglas Peace —  Organisation Development and Property Director

” I am constantly humbled by the wisdom received at SIBL as I manage my professional life.  When it comes to business success our key skill is learning effectively and we must all be willing to take an active role in making this happen.  The SIBL format of high quality events and action learning with our peers provides the perfect blend for learning.  This integration of concepts and constant reflection makes membership seem more like a personal journey than the impersonal acquisition of knowledge.”

John Paterson — Larosco Limited

“As an observation I would like to commend SIBL on the events and the topics that you have been covering. The SIBL workshops have been focussed on the current and real challenges facing businesses today and provide insight and solutions to these challenges. Keep up the good work… “

Alan Kelly, Partner MacRoberts (Solicitors)

I thought I would drop you a short note to say I thought the SIBL session on Negotiation last Monday was excellent. It was the perfect follow up to the session at the Police College. Simon clearly has a wealth of experience and managed to cram a good deal of wisdom into a very short period without it looking rushed or disjointed. A session that is definitely worth repeating. Clearly the facilities were also excellent.

David Miller, MD Alpha-Data

The venue was good, the class size was right, the speakers were excellent, the topics were what I wanted to hear and the length of each session was just right.

I honestly cannot remember the last time I was so positive about every aspect of a training class or session.

Linda Reed, Customer Services Director, Highland Colour Coaters / Highland Galvanizers

Back at the ranch, I felt both energised and enthused by what I had learnt and spent the day passing on various “nuggets” of wisdom on negotiation to all of my colleagues!

Thank you for an educating and enjoyable experience.